Seoul, Korea

With seemingly infinite skyscrapers that never go dark, Seoul appears to be a typical city. But with a closer look, it is a fascinating and a dazzling capital city that impresses its visitors with mix of modern architecture, party vibes, pop culture, beautiful parks & glittering promenades making it one of the most famous places in South Korea and the best cities to visit in South Korea. Vibrant Seoul is not just a buzzing urban hub but also rich in history and culture. It’s a high-tech urban city coexisting with grand Buddhist temples and palaces to ancient fortresses where stories of the past, present, and future encompass the roads. It is a place where visitors can embrace the beauty of traditional culture and modern day architecture. Seoul is charming all the way with gorgeous palaces, chic restaurants and stylish boutiques and many shopping districts.

Incheon, the First Gateway to Korea

Incheon, the hub city of Northeast Asia, is the fastest gateway to Korea. The sky and sea roads are wide open, so it has the best transportation to arrive freely and conveniently from all parts of the world.

Songdo Incheon

Songdo is an area brimming with accommodation, shopping, and cultural facilities around Songdo ConvensiA, and provides one-stop service to participants of international conferences.

Songdo ConvensiA, Convention Center

A World-Class Specialized International Conference Facility

Songdo ConvensiA, located in the center of Songdo ICCZ and designated as the first international conference complex in Korea, is the only exhibition and convention center in Incheon. It’s in 20-minute driving distance from Incheon International Airport and 50-minute driving distance from Seoul. The complex has 900 booths, and the exhibition hall with capacity of 20,000 persons. For conference facilities, it has two ball rooms which can house up 3,000 persons, and 35 medium-to-small sized meeting rooms. Therefore, Songdo ConvensiA is the best place to hold domestic and international MICE events. Seven luxury hotels, the central park, Arts Center Incheon, Tribowl, Triple Street and shopping centers are within 7 minutes of walking distance from the complex. Songdo ConvensiA is drawing spotlights with its unique design, environment friendly facilities and high-tech SMART MICE system, and is on its way to be recognized as one of the most futuristic convention complexes in the world. Come and visit Songdo ConvensiA and meet the best business partner you will ever have.
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